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phidias showing frieze of parthenon to his friends
version 2.0 alpha released
Looking for a myspace stylesheet? The latest moshi stylesheet can be found here:

moshi v2.0-alpha stylesheet

Click here for a demo:

Now a few comments and caveats:

1. Version 1.3 is now version 2.0 - the changes are substantial enough to warrant the bump.

2. This is an alpha release - expect a few flaws and blemishes -- especially in IE. I'm happy with the way it looks in Firefox. IE? Good enough. Still not sure why that white box is there in the friend space.

3. No documentation yet - so recommended only for people who have previously used a moshi stylesheet or know their way around html and css

4. one of my goals with this stylesheet was to reduce the footprint. Doesn't look like that will happen. I think it is a bit more organized or orderly. Unfortunately, even with the markup improvements, there is just no simple way to create a clean and comprehensive myspace stylesheet.

If you use it and have a bug or issue to report, file one here or you're welcome to email me directly.



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