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myspace 95 thesis
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Based on Luther's famous disputation and Dogme 95, the myspace 95 thesis is a list of phrases, philosophies, bullet points, and cries of frustration I'd like to nail to the homepage of myspace.

There will ultimately be 95 items in the list. I've started with the first 5 -- and the last one.

myspace 95 thesis

last updated 21 Aug 2006
1. when Jesus said "repent", he never imagined myspace or the internet

2. when editing your profile forget about validation, just try not to kill the browser

3. three levels of nested tables is enough

4. annual income is a myth exaggerated by men to impress teenage girls

5. avoid vertical scrolling where possible. do not embed multimedia over 300px wide in comments
95. all myspace profiles are quite useless


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shouldn't it be "annual income is a myth exaggerated by men to impress middle-aged women"? photos of you standing cross-armed in front of your pimped out bmw impress teenage girls
I think annual income is used more to impress women in their 20s. At least that's why I exagerrate my annual income. Teenage girls are impressed by whatever impresses their friends. Middle-aged women are impressed by anyone as drunk as they are.
dont get it -- what does myspace have to do with middle age women and there annual income??
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