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You may notice the little note tagged to the upper right hand corner of this blog's home page. That is the myspace 95 thesis widget.

What's sort of interesting about it is that you can, thanks to the generosity of the Google Code site, post it just about anywhere (except myspace, of course!) :) More to the point, you can run it from any web page that allows javascript by adding just a couple lines:

paste in head
<!-- load external m95wx file -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

(Notice it's called directly from the google site: Not sure how fast it will be loaded.)

paste in body (I put it right before the closing </body> tag)
<div id="m95_wrap"><script type="text/javascript">wx_m95();</script></div>

You can then control its position with this css:

#m95_wrap { position:absolute; top:10px; left:10px; }

Here are the full css settings that can be used to modify the appearance -- though not many settings are set inline and the width is fixed:

/* m95 CSS */
/* essential */
#m95_wrap { position:absolute; top:10px; right:10px; }
font-family:"Palatino Linotype", "Book Antiqua", Palatino, serif;
.m95_wx a { color:#993300; text-decoration:none; }
.m95_wx a:hover { color:#ff9900; }

/* others*/
.m95_mid {}
.m95_text {}
.m95_num {}
.m95_top {}

Anyway, feel free to give it try on your site. The code is all available here. And it's easy to uninstall.


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A footnote on implementing this that I found interesting. First time I added the wx code to this blog, it ran fine in Firefox, but failed in IE. Curiously, it ran ok in my local version of IE.

The problem appears to be a variable name I was using: footer. I changed the name to m95_footer and problem was solved.

So apparently Blogger uses the variable name footer somewhere in the code it adds to the site. And IE handles name conflicts or scopes differently than Firefox.

Also IE appears to interpret (or not interpret) the z-index rule differently than Firefox.

Suffice to say, wx looks and works better in Firefox than IE 6.


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