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This has been one of the most frequent requests/challenges posed to me: how do I keep images from overflowing? Anyone with html enabled in comments has probably wondered this at one time or another after having a "friend" post a wallpaper-size image in their comments. Myspace of course gives you the option of disabling html in comments (if you can find it -- good luck!)

I figured there was a way. I also figured it would take a lot of research into the arcane details of css settings to find it. I was right on both counts. When I saw the new selectors added by myspace, I figured I'd address this nagging issue as part of my 1.3 stylesheet.

Well, I thought I was ready, so I put out a request for large comments. Holly kindly answered my call. And promptly burst my bubble by totally hosing my profile.

An hour of Googling finally led me to the answer -- deep in the fine print of the w3c document on tables itself. The secret: an obscure little setting I'd never before heard of called table-layout.

Anyway, if you want to re-enable html on your comments and not have to worry about photos of your friend's pimped-out rice rocket busting your profile, try this:

NOTE { Stop the Overflow }
table.friendsComments table table { table-layout:fixed; margin:0; width:435px; *width:421px; }
table.friendsComments td { overflow:hidden; }



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LOL!! That's what we tech writers live for - to burst bubbles and totally hose profiles. Or, in other words, to break it if it can be broken. NOT, as some people think, to "fix it by way of documentation."
Just discovered this:

How do I resize images people leave in my comments?

I think my way is more elegant. :)


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