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warning: masthead problem on update
Will, who uses the moshi banner code on a myspace music page, reports that the position:absolute setting upon which it absolutely depends has started getting scrubbed out of user css settings.

This will wreck havoc on profiles using the moshi banner code. He said the following workaround works:

<a class="my_banner" style="position:absolute; left: 50%; top: 164px;"><img src="" alt="my banner" border="0"></a>

Full details here.

Has myspace begun a campaign of incremental steps to lock down profile customizations? Not sure, but I suspect, if it is the case, it will be part of a larger makeover that restricts the kind of arbitrary globals controls users have now using css and html and offers more restrictive drag-and-click and section-specific editing, a la Friendster or Blogger.

We'll see.

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I ran into this issue for a while.
I believe what has happened is if you updated your profile mulitiple times and your profile has those tags in there that it will remove them for a day.
I had this issue when trying to tweak my profile just right - I had to update my profile over 20 times and then it started to remove those tags.
I waited a full day, while semi-stressing over what I should do next to make things work out. When I came back things worked again, and needless to say I haven't touched that profile since because I do not want to risk losing it.
However, I still test it on my personal profile.

Finally, the scrub that I got was for any and all "position:absolute" tags. That means the code you shared would not work.


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