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myspace malware technique #14982
Yes, the #14982 is a random number -- I don't imagine that there are that many myspace exploits. But this one I just encountered is the first of its kind that I've seen. Got a friend request from the following profile:

Now I would only click this if you are using a relatively reliable browser like Firefox, Opera, or maybe IE 7, just to limit the possibilities for unintended malware installations. You've been warned:

In any event, if you're reluctant or it's already been deleted, what you would see a blank screen that says:

This profile contains adult content.
CLICK HERE to install MS Viewer.

The link, naturally, does not send you to microsoft's site and when you click it, it tries to download an executable. Yes, very 2003. But the profile photo is of course a super hot chick in a bikini. And I'm sure a few young turks have fallen for it. Pity all of us as their machines are quickly converted to spam-generating zombies.

A good demo, in any event, I suppose of the div overlay profile-editing method.



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