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willkommen, deutsche
From today's New York Times:

In September, MySpace opened public test pages for Germany and France, the company’s first versions in languages other than English. That month, the site had 2.5 million unique users in Germany and about half that in France, respectable numbers for a new venture.

But Mr. Basic [a 40-year-old technology consultant in Frankfurt] was only briefly among them. "I’m not a typical user," he said. He became frustrated by unwanted messages and he did not care for the flashy pages.

"People here think the design is bad," he said, "and that is important for Germans."

   -- MySpace Aims for a Global Audience, and Finds Some Stiff Competition

Looks like I redesigned this page just in time. I welcome any new German or French myspace users put off by myspace default design to take advantage of the moshi project templates.

babelfish translation of "myspace design for Germans": myspace Design für Deutsche

"myspace design for French": conception de myspace pour le Français



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