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wanted: myspace monstrosities
With version 9, I'm finally getting around to the subject of skinning -- that is, putting together a full coordinated myspace profile skin or theme -- and I thought it would be helpful to have some references and add a little perspective. Not to be cruel, just clinical.

I'm looking for bad myspace profiles -- specifically loud, garish, obnoxious, illegible, mile-wide, ALL CAP monstrosities crying out for makeover. Real cautionary tales in bad design. Worst case scenarios. The kinda thing myspace is famous for.

Send me a link of post it in the comments below.



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you could start here:
wow! this is a good speciman for so many reasons:


(from the worstof site)

Let me count the ways:

1. if you have a cookie filter on, you have to deny 2 dozen cookies from the image hosting site

2. it's been themed using one of the myspace theming site ( according to the corner banner)

3. horizontal scroll (this could be worse)

4. butterfly on bubble gum vomit background

ok, the point is not to be mean or judgmental. actually, this profile is in some ways reminiscent of my fetscan. suffice it to say, freedom comes at a price.

I'll keep my eye on this site (the worstof site, that is.) Thanks for the lead.
this guy:

and anyone in his network
what happens when you don't read directions:

maybe you can help this kid out


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