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version 0.9 : myspace classes
Most html or xhtml pages are set up so that related objects on the page -- say all the section headers or all the links -- can be styled all togther using css class settings. Myspace does this, too, but there is only minimal logic to the groupings. Version 0.9 attempts to bring a little more reason to your myspace profile by grouping together the native myspace classes into more logical groupings. Hence the title, classes. The stylesheet is now available in the google code repository and should make all of this a little more clear.

The next release will be the long awaited version 1.0. The goal with version 1.0 is to provide a stylesheet that can be used to simply and sensibly put together your own completely themed profile or skin. (The T3 skin posted last week shows that it can be done even now with version 0.9.)

But version 1.0 will have a couple extra tricks and I'm preparing a little surprise to mark its release. I hope to have it out by the end of the week.