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google projects: moshi
Not hack in the sense of trying to exploit or expose an exploit in the myspace script -- that's been done. This is more hack in the sense of a workaround -- specifically, working around the awkwardness of myspace's html code.

The Myspace Open Source Hack Initiative, moshi, will track the evolution of the myspace civilized and provide a repository for the myspace civilized stylesheets.

The Google Project page has been set up:

moshi project page (

Files and screenshots will be uploaded within the next week.


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I'd love to contribute.

It's amazing, I just stumbled on your blog and we seem to be working on the same project at the same time.

I also was asked to whip a myspace profile into shape for a friend and found the profile code both maddening and intriguing.

You can see the results of my work for him here:

Also I've worked up a deconstructed/guide profile here: that i just finished on friday

feel free to get in touch through myspace or my site.


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